Firewall Installation Service

A Firewall is your first line of defence and having a correctly configured firewall is vital to succeeding in keeping bad actors outside of your network.

Network Engineers and System admins are busy with many tasks, such as handling maintaining the environment, dealing with day to day support and working on projects to meet the business’s needs. They may not have the time to get the required training on how to install new systems. Installation is a critical, time-sensitive event, where experience and expertise are essential for success. If you would like professional assistance for your firewall project, we can offer one of our packages below to assist in various capacities.

Using a proven methodology for preparation, deployment and configuration with our trained and certified engineers, we can ensure your firewall installation is installed correctly. In a world with a fast-changing threat landscape, its important to be aware of the latest attacks, and that’s why our engineers are always up to date with the vendor’s advice for the latest features and guidance.



Bronze installation service is the essential setup package and is a kick-starter package that will perform the initial setup for you. We perform power on and self-test, register the device with Palo Alto Networks, register, apply, download and install all of the licenses you are entitled to on the device. The OS will be updated to the latest stable version of PANOS or any version that you specify. Initial credentials, management port, and a 1-day configuration template installed to give you all preset profiles and Palo Alto Networks best practices ready to go. The firewall will arrive with you ready for your full configuration and saves you time as you can begin configuration immediately.

What's Included?

  • Hardware Power On and Self test
  • Half-Day Installation
  • Device and Subscription Registration
  • License Registration with PAN
  • PAN-OS Updated
  • Subscriptions Licensed & Activated on the Device
  • Credentials & Management Access Configured
  • PAN 1 Day / Sturdy Baseline Configuration Applied


Silver installation service includes all the features in the bronze package and is aimed at the customer who wants to receive a firewall that is plug and play ready for an easy and straight forward switchover. This will then allow you to build on the base configuration and implement and configure any subscriptions you have access to. We configure all required interfaces, NAT, and access policies to prepare a secure base configuration, ready for a seamless switchover.

What's Included?

  • Bronze Features Included
  • 1 Day Installation
  • Initial / Basic Configuration
  • Interface Configuration (LAN, WAN, DMZ etc)
  • NAT Configuration & Policies configured
  • Security/Access Configuration & Policies
  • 5% Discount on Managed Firewall Service


Gold installation service includes both bronze and silver packages and is a two-day installation. Day one consists of the bronze and silver configuration, and then we ship the device to your chosen location, ready for you to perform the switchover. Once the switchover has occurred, we will instantly start to fine-tune the configuration to fit your exact needs. All subscriptions and features that you are entitled to will also be configured to the vendor’s guidelines. All VPNs required will be configured, which include client VPN and Site to Site VPN’s.

What's Included?

  • Bronze & Silver Features Included
  • Full Installation (2 Day)
  • Subscription/Advanced Features Configuration
    • IDS/Threat Prevention/URL/DNS/WildFire
  • IPSEC Tunnels
  • VPN Client
  • User ID / AD Integration
  • Fine Tuning
  • 10% Discount on Managed Firewall Service


Platinum installation service includes bronze, silver and gold packages and is a full start to finish installation, configuration and switchover service. The platinum service includes onsite installation and switchover, where we will handle the whole project from start to finish. Our platinum service is available anywhere in the UK, but please contact us for an accurate quotation and discuss your needs.

What's Included?

  • Bronze, Silver & Gold Features Included
  • Full Installation (2 Days)
  • On-Site Installation/Switchover
  • 10% Discount on our Managed Firewall Service


We can conduct a full Palo Alto Best Practice Assessment tool for £312.50. The BPA for next-generation firewalls evaluates a device’s configuration by measuring the adoption of capabilities, validating whether the policies adhere to best practices, and providing recommendations and instructions for remediating failed best practice checks. The Security Policy Adoption Heatmap component filters the information by device groups, serial numbers, zones, areas of architecture, and other categories.

What's Included?

  • Security Controls Assessed
  • Roadmap for Increase Threat Prevention
  • Improved Security Over Time

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