Get the best managed firewall for your network and cloud infrastructure

Our Managed Next-Generation Firewall service is designed to help you reduce the time, cost and resources required to monitor and maintain firewall infrastructure day to day.

It’s no longer enough to leave your security to manage itself. Security policies and configurations on your firewall devices must be updated to ensure appropriate access controls are kept in line with changing business environments. Network firewall traffic must be monitored continuously to identify and respond to threats before damage can be done.


A Managed Firewall mitigates the need to engage in costly in-house IT resources. We have a dedicated team of vendor trained and security-focused individuals who configure, monitor, and ensure that the firewalls are configured correctly. As a cyber security company, we also receive intelligence and stay up to date with new and emerging threats so that we can adjust and put necessary changes in place which is all part of our proactive managed firewall service.

Why Buy Managed Firewall services?

A firewall management service is designed to reduce cost and risk compared to self-managing your organization’s firewall.

Firewalls are complex pieces of equipment and your first line of defense. Firewalls can often do much more to protect if configured correctly and make use of all features you are entitled to.

However, it takes considerable resources and skills to do this properly and many businesses don’t have those resources and more importantly the time.


Risks created from inadequate firewall management and configuration:

  • Compliance issues & violations
  • Network downtime due to compromise
  • Performance Issues
  • Unnecessary exposure of internal assets
  • Stale rules
  • Out of date operating systems and subscription intelligence updates
  • Impact on reputation and damage to the brand

Services typically include features such as:

  • 24/7 proactive monitoring of firewall performance, health, configuration, and critical alerts
  • Policy and rule changes
  • Full VPN Support – S2S/Tunnels/Client
  • Backup of policies & configuration
  • Change management
  • Maintenance & subscription updates
  • Performance Reviews
  • Best Practice Assessments as per vendors guidelines
  • Monthly executive reports

Firewall Supply & Install Bundles

We can supply a Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Firewall, Configure, Manage & Monitor all for a fixed monthly fee.

Managed Firewall Service Benefits

Improved Security

Optimized firewall configuration.

Fixed Cost

No unexpected expenses

Advanced Support & Maintenance

High levels of support and a service you can trust

Service Levels (SLAs)

SLA-backed service

One stop shop

NGFW supplier, configuration assistance, management, monitoring, backups.

24×7 NOC & SOC

Security, Event and Network Management

Expert Consultants

Engineers up to date on latest threats and technology

Secure Managed Services

Managed from our UK SOC

Vendor Agnostic Service

Full range of NGFW vendors supported

Improved Security, Performance & Uptime

Improving Business Continuity





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