CYBERSHIELD XDR 360° Service combines the protection from our flagship CYBERSHIELD XDR solution as well as the protection from our additional CYBERSHIELD products, giving your organisation complete 360  protection from every angle. CYBERSHIELD XDR 360° is built on the power of Microsoft Security Stack and the expertise of the Wizard Cyber security team.


CYBERSHIELD eXtended Detection and Response (XDR) 360° is a collection of robust cyber security services that are designed to protect your assets and organisation — even if a threat bypasses common cyber security controls



CYBERSHIELD XDR 360° collects and automatically correlates data across multiple layers — email, endpoint, server, network, and cloud workloads — meaning threats are detected faster, response times are improved, and cyber security analysts are able to conduct more thorough investigations



CYBERSHIELD XDR 360° uses advanced cyber security analytics on endpoints, user behaviours, applications, and networks. This provides deeper detection compared to traditional MSSPs, which mostly rely on rules and signatures. CYBERSHIELD XDR also uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning to investigate, auto contain threats, and orchestrate responses



Our SOC analysts will notify you about any incoming threats to your organisation and provide you with the details of how to respond by working with your internal team or external point(s) of contact



Leveraging AI, Machine Learning and human SOC analysts we protect and monitor your organisation from every angle 24 hours a day

What’s covered in CYBERSHIELD XDR 360°

The threat landscape continues to increase in both complexity and the level of sophistication of the attacks we observe. Extended detection and response (XDR) is a new approach that empowers security professionals to get ahead of today’s complex threat landscape with integrated SIEM and XDR tools from a single vendor so you get the best of both worlds.

The CYBERSHIELD XDR 360° package is unique to each organisation and we will design and build a cybersecurity solution that is powered by the Microsoft suite of products and services. We will also discuss and build in short, mid and long term roadmap to ensure we deploy have maximum coverage, detection and response capabilities.

  • Onboarding cybersecurity health check
  • Consultancy & development of strategic security road-map
  • 24×7 Threat Monitoring – Threat Detection & Response
  • Cyber Incident Response
  • Monthly Reporting
  • Microsoft Defender ATP
  • Azure ATP
  • Microsoft Cloud App Security (include Azure AD Identity Protection)
  • Microsoft Threat Protection
  • Azure Sentinel (SIEM / SOAR)
  • OS & 3rd Party Patching Agent
  • CYBERSHIELD Threat Intelligence Feeds

Also Included

With CYBERSHIELD XDR 360° you have full access to all CYBERSHIELD Products including the following


Protect SharePoint, OneDrive, Teams and Access to the Office 365 platform with MFA and conditional access only allowing users and devices enrolled


Protect your Google Workspace, Gmail, Google Drive and much more


Keep up-to-date patching operating systems, 3rd party applications, and embedded systems


Advanced threat detection and remediation across your entire IT infrastructure , including endpoints, firewalls, switches, printers, wireless access points, and much more


Backup Email, OneDrive & SharePoint data to an independent cloud based storage

Benefits of CYBERSHIELD XDR 360°

Gaining more protection, insight, and compliance without adding additional tools and people is a goal that enterprises of all sizes strive towards. CYBERSHIELD XDR’s proven success provides exceptional benefits to organisations, including, but not limited to, reputational protection, bolstering investor confidence, and keeping regulatory authorities satisfied

By trusting Wizard Cyber to manage your CYBERSHIELD XDR environment, you will free up your IT and security teams as well as gain confidence that your environment is being attentively monitored. SIEM Services from Wizard Cyber include monitoring your systems for anomalies, analysing logs, and responding to cyber threats with specialised response protocols that quickly eliminate security incidents and breaches

24/7 Service

A fully managed 24/7 service that’s powered by Microsoft and managed by Wizard Cyber

Threat Visibility

CYBERSHIELD XDR capabilities include multi-cloud, hybrid workloads, VMs, databases, containers, network, email, endpoints, and more

Fast Response

Uncover cyber threats and contain cyber incidents before they escalate


Deeply integrated SIEM and XDR for complete end-to-end visibility

Maximum Investment

Improve your security posture, increase detection accuracy, and reduce risk

Single Vendor

Get the most complete security platform and state-of-the-art tools from a single vendor

Thanks to the team at Wizard Cyber we were able to find vulnerabilities in our network we would not of recognised before and now have a security plan in place to protect our network
CEO – Financial Sector


Our Process

CYBERSHIELD XDR provides a wide array of security services, including alert monitoring, alert prioritisation, investigation, and threat hunting. It uses artificial intelligence models and applies them to endpoint, network, and server data in order to correlate and prioritise advanced threats. By investigating prioritised alerts, the Wizard Cyber team can then work with organisations to provide a detailed remediation plan


Cyber threat tries to attack your infrastructure


Wizard Cyber’s SOC analysts continuously monitor an organisation’s network and endpoint data, performing threat sweeps that look for specific indicators of compromise, and then making measured decisions in terms of threat prioritisation


Once a potential threat is detected, correlated, and prioritised, a team of qualified security operations centre (SOC) personnel investigate the origin and scope of the attack, after which a detailed analysis of the threat and its impact is determined


Wizard Cyber’s SOC analysts will alert the organisation of the incident, providing a root cause analysis, mitigation recommendations, and toolkits to help the organisation handle the incidents


Cyber threat has been removed

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