Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (VCISO)

The severity and increasing frequency of cyber attack are now on the agenda of the boardroom of every major global organisation. The appointment of a Chief Information Security Officer is essential to ensure the alignment of security measures with enterprise and business objectives. It is also essential to ensuring all information assets are fully protected and that the organisation meets its legal and regulatory cyber security obligations.

Good CISO’s are hard to find

Existing board-level directors rarely possess the specialist skills to combat today’s highly skilled and persistent cyber criminals. Experienced CISO’s are a scarce commodity and the cost of recruitment and subsequent salary can be very high.

Dedicated outsourced service

The Wizard Cyber VIRTUAL CISO service has been designed to provide a dedicated outsourced board-level resource who can ‘virtually sit inside a company’ and manage its security strategy, budget, review of risks and regulatory programmes.

Wizard Cyber VCISO protects your business from cyber attack

  • Reduce the risk of cyber attack and protect from theft, operational disruption, loss of reputation and punitive action from regulator
  • Immediate access to the commercial and technical expertise of an experienced and qualified senior manager
  • Management of IT and staff budgets to deliver cost-effective cyber security measures
  • Preparation of management reports for presentation to board-level stakeholders
  • Management of a cyber security team providing strategic direction on the selection and implementation of cyber security measures
  • Access to external ‘virtual cyber team’ to provide specialist services that include penetration testing and 24/7 security monitoring
  • Significant reduction in the cost of recruitment and training of an employed CISO

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Wizard Cyber VCISO Delivers Effective Cyber Security Strategic Services


  • Audit of essential information assets
  • Identification of cyber threats and vulnerabilities
  • Selection of cost-effective preventative measures (controls)


  • Evaluation of the effectiveness of current measures
  • Research and selection of new security products, controls, and processes


  • Management of vulnerability and penetration testing
  • Executive report of recommended actions and required costs


  • Review of 3rd party cyber security policy and procedures


  • Incident response planning
  • Co-ordination of security breach and incident investigations
  • Management of remedial measures put in place to prevent future breaches


  • Maintenance of security standards such as PCI DSS and ISO 27001
  • Compliance to national and international laws including data privacy
  • Adherence to industry-specific cyber security regulations


  • Support and training for an in-house cyber security team

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