Microsoft Defender XDR

SIEM + XDR = Modernising Security Operations

Wizard Cybers Managed Microsoft Defender XDR Service combines our security experts incident response and threat hunting skills and knowledge with Microsoft’s most comprehensive XDR that prevents, detects, and responds to threats across identities, endpoints, applications, email, IoT, infrastructure, and cloud platforms.

The combination of Microsoft Defender and Azure Sentinel arms our team with more context and tools than ever and we can leverage the time saved to apply proactively hunt and implement threat preventions.

Azure Sentinel SIEM allows our team a bird-eyes view of all assets with the ability to drill-down to investigate an asset or user in more detail with seamless bi-directional syncing between Microsoft Defender and Microsoft Azure Sentinel.

All of this results in our ability to drastically reduce the probability of an attack, reduce the dwell time of an attacker and keeping your risk exposure down.

The threat landscape continues to increase in both complexity and the level of sophistication of the attacks we observe. Attackers target the most vulnerable resources in an organization and then traverse laterally to target high-value assets. No longer can you expect to stay safe by protecting individual areas such as email or endpoints.

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Microsoft XDR Defender Key Capabilities

By trusting Wizard Cyber to manage your Microsoft Azure Sentinel environment, you will free up your IT and security team as well as gain confidence that your environment is being monitored. SIEM Services from Wizard Cyber include monitoring of your systems for anomalies, analyzing logs, and responding to security threats with incident response protocols to quickly eliminate security incidents and breaches.


24/7 Service

A fully managed 24×7 Service powered by Microsoft and managed by Wizard Cyber.


Threat Visibility

XDR capabilities include multi-cloud, hybrid workloads, VMs, databases, containers, network, email, endpoints and more.


Fast Response

Find cybers threats and contain cyber incidents before they escalate.


Deeply integrated SIEM and XDR for complete end-to-end visibility.


Maximum Investment

Improve your security posture, increase detection accuracy and reduce risk.


Single Vendor

Get the most complete security platform all available from a single vendor.

Microsoft Defender XDR Business Benefits

Improve Cyber Security Posture

Faster Response

Reduce Risk

Reduce Attacker Dwell Time

Microsoft Defender XDR and Zero Trust Security

Building a Zero Trust Security framework using multiple vendors has ZERO chance of success. Implementing a Microsoft Defender XDR for Zero Trust Security must be at the forefront of a modern cybersecurity strategy for organizations of any size, in any industry that is running Microsoft Windows or Office 365.

Microsoft Defender XDR allows you to consolidate all of your current security vendors into one integrated platform. That means one MSSP for monitoring, one single vendor to provide a single pane of glass to perform digital forensic analysis, and the entire suite is connected via the Microsoft Intelligent Security Graph.

Microsoft Defender XDR is a unified cyber defence platform that encompasses the entire Microsoft security stack.

Microsoft Defender XDR FAQs

We answer the questions commonly asked by our customers and provide guidance on the security benefits Microsoft Defender XDR can provide your organisation.

What is Extended Detection and Response (XDR)?

Microsoft Defender XDR allows you to consolidate over 40 security vendors into one integrated platform. That means one vendor for support calls, one single pane of glass to perform digital forensic analysis, and the entire suite is connected via the Microsoft Intelligent Security Graph. (Not to mention seamlessly built-in to the productivity suite that millions of you use every day.)

Is Microsoft Defender the same as Windows Defender?

Windows Security is built-in to Windows 10 and includes an antivirus program called Microsoft Defender Antivirus. (In previous versions of Windows 10, Windows Security is called Windows Defender Security Center).


EDR solutions are different from XDR as EDR focuses on endpoints and records system activities and events. This will give security teams the visibility for uncovering incidents.

XDR provides more security solutions than EDR. XDR makes use of the latest technologies that will give higher visibility and collect & correlate threat information.

It employs analytics and automation for detecting today’s and future attacks.

Microsoft Azure & Defender branding changes?

The following branding changes to unify the Microsoft 365 Defender technologies:

  • Microsoft 365 Defender (previously Microsoft Threat Protection).
  • Microsoft Defender for Endpoint (previously Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection).
  • Microsoft Defender for Office 365 (previously Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection).
  • Microsoft Defender for Identity (previously Azure Advanced Threat Protection).

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Wizard cyber offer enterprise-grade, cost-effective cybersecurity solutions to the SME market. As a Microsoft Gold Partner and Azure certified experts, we are utilizing the Microsoft Azure Sentinel platform to achieve this and offer this to all customers in any industry of any size. We have a team of talented cybersecurity professionals who have the very best value and ethos who are passionate, talented and strive to deliver our customers' best service. If you would like to discuss your cybersecurity concerns or hear more about how we can help kick start your cyber journey to becoming secure and resilient against cybersecurity breaches and attacks.
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Wizard Cyber is now an industry member of the UK Government Cyber Security Information Sharing Partnership (CiSP).

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