The Wizard Cyber Partnership Programme

Designed especially for MSPs looking to grow their portfolio of cyber security solutions, the Wizard Cyber Partnership Programme has a selection of industry-leading, on-demand managed cyber security services and consultancy options to choose from. With the cyber security demands of modern organisations growing exponentially, now has never been a better time for leading MSPs to widen their portfolio of services — opening up sales opportunities in avenues that weren’t previously possible.

Why become a partner with Wizard Cyber?

Security threats are evolving and cyber criminals are innovating quickly. Cyber Security is also evolving at a rapid pace which is where Wizard Cyber can help. We have the technology, the processes and the people to help secure an organisation of any size and help mitigate any issues you or your customers may have. We have an easy to deploy solution that can start protecting your customers quickly with a straight forward subscription model.

Establishing long-term relationships with our partners is a key business priority for us. We value ourselves on offering the highest level of service and keeping customers. We also understand that as MSP’s you already have a relationship and trust with the customer and we want to improve on that by offering our range of cyber security solutions to raise your customers security posture and ultimately protect their business.

Our partner program is more than just to support new business efforts and we work with you every step of the way to provide the best solution, sales, pre-sales and aftercare experience to your clients. Differentiate your offerings from the competition by leveraging a solution that detects and responds to the most advanced threats. You don’t need additional resources to deploy or operate as our expert consultants and analysts will deploy, aggregate, analyse events across your customers network and we provide you with actionable points.

Delivering security services on your behalf

Partnering With Wizard Cyber

Do you currently supply IT services and want to expand your offerings in the fast-growing world of cyber security? Our partner program offers both MSPs and VARs great opportunites to grow their portfolio of cyber security services and generate additional income.

With Wizard Cyber, there is no long-term commitment and no restrictive service agreements. Instead, your business gets a purpose-built platform that empowers you to offer top-tier security services with total confidence.

Discover just how easy our CYBERSHIELD range of managed security solutions can work for your business to increase your profitability and generate new lines of revenue.

  • White label Security-as-a-Service
  • 24x7x365 Monitoring
  • Real-time alerts
  • User/Device Isolation for Instant Protection
  • Reports available via our secure portal
  • Expand your portfolio of services
  • Add value & revenue to your business

A Co-Branded Cyber Security App

As a Wizard Cyber Partner, your end users gain access to a state-of-the-art co-branded app, designed to quickly illuminate any cyber threat alerts and remediate suggestions — offering round-the-clock protection against cyber security threats. Through a single pane of glass, your customers will gain new, clear insights into actionable reports that will strengthen their long-term cyber security posture and organisational confidence alike


Microsoft's Technology Stack

Being a Microsoft Gold partner, Wizard Cyber is perfectly positioned to act as a dependable provider for your customers’ managed cyber security solutions — with our highly skilled team embracing the power of Microsoft’s technology stack to provide exceptional cyber security protection 24/7. Everything from patch management and cloud app security to Microsoft 365 and anti-phishing email protection is included as standard from our state-of-the-art platform

Microsoft Defender and Azure Sentinel

Part of the Microsoft technology stack, Microsoft Defender and Azure Sentinel significantly bolster the effectiveness of our managed cyber security services within the Wizard Cyber Partnership. Seamlessly integrated with your customers’ systems and infrastructure, Microsoft Defender and Azure Sentinel provide rapid alerts and advanced threat protection across virtual machines, SQL databases, containers, web applications, customer networks, and more

24/7 SOC

Our UK-based security operations centre (SOC) is the ideal solution for MSPs looking to take on additional customer demands without additional investment into a security operation centre. Our SOC is manned 24/7 by highly skilled cyber security analysts, providing exceptional levels of protection at every moment — with rapid threat investigations, detailed forensic analysis, conclusive remediations, and proactive threat hunting all part of our industry-leading SOC’s offering

Interested in becoming a partner?